Monday, September 12, 2011

1000th post SPECIAL EDITION : Achievement Gained!

Edited : Well alot ppl asked me why i put green on d font err..i also dunno y -__- thus now i change to gold LOLLL

RAWRRR!!! It is my 1000th blog post on A Journey Called Jloi!! Thanks for everyone support all this while! My journey had been record down here for 4 years+ and finally it reaching 1000th record! :D

Of coz, 1000th post will come with new blog header! :D I still dun have time to redo a new layout. Plus, i still love this layout ;) doncha agree? *wink wink*

Besides, i believe u guys notice there are 2 unfamiliar character in my new header! And where is my Baby KonKon and BB? :( well, u gotta ask me personally if u wanna know what happen to them..nevertheless, try to guess who are the new characters!? :D

Pen E-P3! Is a pen? oh yes is a pen...which pen? Wanna refer back to this post? :P

Oh image getting clearer doncha think? ;P Ok lets go the next one!

HD, Xperia! Got the clue? no? here another one...

XPERIA again! with curvy design! :D

Ok here come the answer...scroll down would ya!?

Is Zeekon and XNeo!!

 * Zeekon! *
* XNeo *

Zeekon = KonKon + CrossZee while XNeo is Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo. Yes i have give up everything and change my gear into Micro Four Third and Android :)

Well, Thats all my post for this 1000th edition! I'll get a review for Zeekon and Xneo soon ;) So stay tune and continue support me!

and finally,

Happy Mid Autumn Festival everyone ;)