Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Day I Trying to be Special

Honestly, being someone bf for few year doesnt make me a romantic person. Oh yes beat me, i am lame and dunno being romantic ;/ However on a special occasion for the first time, i brought my gf to a place we never been before to celebrate her birthday. Guess where?


Oh shit my watermark reveal the place LOLL nevermind. Yes we went all the to look out point to celebrate her birthday and sight viewing :) It is pretty cool i would say especially when wind blowing..ahh nice feeling


We had our dinner at Gasoline since the other shop since desperately need customer and keep pulling u in piff..Forgot what the name of the chicken chop set we ordered but then, i still dislike their food. Taste weird and expensive ;/


Walk around to the top hills after done our dinner and i decided to photograph the birthday girl solo (since she complain i never shoot her before LOL) ;)


Later i decided to join in too LOLL..ok i am still d best to look emo pifff

Good thing i brought my tripod along too ;P


It is nice place to chilling however both of us still prefer the Berjaya Hills more :) Hope to go back there again!