Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hugo Boss Launch

Was invited to Hugo Boss Launch on Thursday for their new product, which i have no idea what is the new perfume about ROFLMAO..The event was held on Rootz, Lot 10. Bad venue, bad timing, bad traffic and monorail is my savior LOL..


Thanks to heavy traffic, i guess alot VIP, VVIP, VVVIP and VVVVIP-LAH late to the event and cause us who reach there before 7pm waited till 9pm only it started...piff but at least they served us some nice Hennessy..drink with empty stomach FML..oh and some photo with friends ;)

* Tianchad and Elaine *

* Xiang & Samantha *
* Rachel, Jess, JQ, Sam & me *

Event started on 9pm with some greeting from Emcee and advertisement of the new product.



Later on was ElecoldXhot performances. My Zeekon was run out battery that time but thanks Xneo for the life saving ;P

They even invited some ball fetish illusionist and great martial art championship (which obviously i dun remember their name..) from China to perform to us.


For more info, just google logon to Hugo Boss website ;)