Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sony Walkman Blogger Gathering

Last Saturday i was invited to attend the Sony Walkman Blogger Gathering. Besides, Sony also launch their new Walkman W series, W262 on that day itself.

Spec of Walkman W262 :
  • 2GB capacity
  • Compact Size - Compact earpiece ensures a snug and comfortable fit
  • Water-resistant and washable feature
  • Drag-and-Drop function and ZAPPIN™ feature
  • 8 Hours Battery Life (Quick charge : 3 minutes charge for 60 minutes play back)

* The walkman is washable with water *

Well, game was alwiz there when ppl gathered around ;P Few of them was invited to up the stage and perform catwalk while wearing the latest W262. The winner of coz decided by voting from audiences.




* The winner goes to Henry because of this pose..i believe ;P *

Some stage dancer performance later on.





Sony was being generous to select 4 lucky owner to have their latest product, Walkman W262 through lucky draw.

* Why the dude at the middle look like me 1? LOL *

Not much of the thrill on this event but what makes matter is who u with together ;) Thats what i believe.

Thanks Sony and Nuffnang for the present ;)