Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wei-Ling Contemporary : De Style Art and Design Show 2011

As u guys know, i am having my very first art exhibition on last week tuesday and wednesday at The Garden, Wei-Ling Contemporary. Was it good? well..i got alot of stuff to comment but first, lets enjoy the video recorded and compiled by me ;) First time doing video recording for event..so pls duo duo ji gao!

Well, lets some of my pictures speak now! :)

* The love and Vic who attended to support me! *
* Mark with his Fungus...err Fungus animation *
* Gunlock by me and Nelson *
* Another poster! We are too awesome ;P * 
* Walk in as an artist/designer *
* With Vic *
* with gf *
* All of us are artist and designer *
* Celine, Vic, Lichuen, gf and Henry! Thanks for attending! *
* Cayenne and the bf attended as well to support me! *
* Same goes to Joe & Bala ;) *
* Isaac & Wenshen, gf said they 2 very cute coz alwiz stick together! HOR! :P *
* Us *
* We are like a family ;) *
* All creative art lecturers *
* Group picture! *

Well first thing first, I am really happy when me and my friends from Creative Art course are given chance to showcase our final year project in the gallery. It was like once in a blue moon opportunity for an artist. Gunlock, the production by me and Nelson, was the short animation being showcase in the gallery.

However reli FML! We are suppose to come out with a poster for our own animation and since me and Nelson are 2 man in a team, we are required to came out with 2 poster (1 made by me and another made by him). I dunno but i dun feel right when they put our poster far apart together instead of side by side. Not to mention, they labeled individual name below the poster instead of both our name..or mayb is not a problem since it was made by me and another by him but what if people who have no clue or heard about our animation at all will think? wun they will like "WTF why got 2 dif poster wif same title but dif artist?" Another WTF thing is they labeled our animation title as Gunlock - Revenge is the key. FOR THE GOD SAKE "REVENGE IS THE KEY" is the catchy line for our poster! Not the title! PIFFF! Why people love to act smart on their own..du 9 7 lan!

Next, the whole gallery impact apparently more on the fashion. They have fashion show on the opening, they have photographer shoot the fashion and model, they have Emcee of the day to mentioned about the fashion show. So what about our art? It seem it wasn't the important things at all in the gallery. Plus, they did not mentioned the poster around the gallery was a short animation or advance modeling showcase. Visitor might tod that's just an art/graphic design/drawing/painting instead of is an animation/character modeling showcase.

Oh yea, i forgot, it doesnt matter if they did not mention the poster around is what because we had one magic TV there! TV to showcase all our work! Yahoo! but fuck our life, the TV just show compilation of our work instead of showing full work. Not to mentioned they cut the beginning part of the animation instead of interesting part to compile. I wonder who did tat compilation coz i feel like giving him/her few slap and throw the TV on d face! I feel sorry to my friends who attended that day because i been telling them they'll get to see my full animation on that day!

Now, screw it..i have uploaded it to youtube! So here it is, the Gunlock! Production by DuaH (stand for Dua H - Hong)!

GF manage to see my disappointed face on that day itself. So much of joy come with full disappointed...They need get a better event planner, and fire the current one! piff


MichLeong said...

Nice! Didn't get to go ><

kuromeowiie said...

last part hak dou abit. XD
btw gong hei fatt choi ahhh~

Jackie Loi said...

@michy nvm ;)

@iris seng nei kuai yin ahh :D