Sunday, October 23, 2011

Buddy Soy Smothies Food Review

I was invited for the food review on Buddy Soy Smoothies yesterday. It was located at Time Square, beside Chatime. As the name suggested, Buddy Soy Smoothies is a shop that sell drinks and dessert based on Soy. Isn't it perfect for those who love soy? ;)


* Father and Daughter Lee, owner of the shop *

Familiar faces around :)

* Janice and Isaac *
* Qian and Kahmon *

Here are the drinks and food served to us on that day itself :

* Cucuk Udang *
* Citrus Madness Orange RM5.30 *
* Soy Bean Milk RM2.80 *
* Coffee with Soy as based *
* Evergreen Japanese Cucumber RM5.30 *
* Corny but Goody Sweet Corn Rm4.80 *
* Tau Fu Far with Gula Melaka RM3.30 *
* Tau Fu Far RM2.80 *
* Yam with Soy as based *
* If you Can't Decide Banana RM5.30 *
* Cendol with Soy as based *
* Chocolate with Soy as based *

As i mentioned before, all drinks will have the Soy as based. So needed i say, all taste will mix with Soy. I would say it mix pretty well except there is some drinks such as Yam have stronger taste of Soy. One of my favourite drinks among there would be If You Can't Decide Banana because it has more stronger banana taste XP, oh yes i love banana :P

The price wise more or less same with recently famous-hype-up-pearl-milk-tea but i do believe having soy is more healthy than pearl milk tea ;)

Buddy Soy Smoothies will have new outlet soon in KL Festival City mall and One Utama. Don't miss it if you were around the area ;)

Thanks Tiffany for the invite!


Euniceee said...

GOOD POST! i love. xD Next time ajak me along lahh...xP

CleverMunkey ® said...

wah so efficient! my favorite is the cucumber one. nice pics :)

Nana Eddy said...

Now, if only I drink soy~

Jackie Loi said...

@eunice errr i'll ajak if i got extra place :P

@henry nth to do at house mai update this blog 1st XD. Cucumber din try coz i no like cucumber T3T..thanks, pics just show off bokeh nia, alot out of focus T3T

@nana drink~! :P

bendan said...

Yay~ nampak saya!! Happy-nya. Btw, I went Festival City semalam... their shop is bigger than in Time Square, next time can ask u go drink SOYA SOYA SOYA SOYA SOYA! Sei mei? LOLz!!

ErikaToh said...

Haha....where on earth was I looking? :P

Awesome group photo, Jackie! Love your post too. :)

Jackie Loi said...

@kahmon haha jom! soya mai soya! i go take d banana 1 X)

@erika u was looking on that earth hmmm!! heh thanks ;)

Isaac Tan said...

nicely taken photos, XD