Friday, October 14, 2011

Heineken Green Room @ KL Live

Attended Heineken Green Room party last week at KL Live. It was my first time and wow! I dunno the security is so tight and stright. NO camera allowed! but oh well, i #walkinlikeaboss since i am under media until a stupid guard stop and asked me where is my pass when i need to collect my pass on upstair -___-..duh

Performance was half way gone when i arrived there. However i manage to catch up the important group performance by Art vs. Science.


Well, i guess i dunno appreciate this kind of song but i do like the techno melody. Plus lighting was totally sucks inside club, was using ISO 1250 and without flash to shoot all the way. Thus, noise are noticeable.



Inside the club is very stuffy and smokey. I quickly went out to take a break and breath while waiting for next performance by Gossip.



Well, good things friends are there as well or else, this was seriously not my type of event. Prefer concert-alike event eg Hennessy Artistry ;)

* Zhao, Jess and Ken *
* Kahmon *
* Yeeing *
* Lichuen *

Not much photo taken on that day because i was too tired. Mind you i woke up on 6am, went to work on 7am, finish work on 6.30pm, rush to event and stay all d way until almost 12am. I was freaking almost 18 hours at outside. Total exhausted and imba XD