Monday, October 17, 2011

Midnight at Genting Highland

It was a random plan when Pennie suddenly tag me in twitter and asked for yumcha at Genting Highland. Oh hey! I been looking all my friends went there for starbucks and came down back at midnight. Sound crazy but i would like to do it too! Or else when is the chance for me to do it?

So here we are! Went up with Pennie, Ryan and Wilee. Thanks Ryan for the ride and yes pity him, driving for 3 hours+ to pick us all and up to Genting. Get our sweet expensive drink ever, Starbucks before decided to walk around and chill with the wind.


Unfortunately it is we decided to hide at starbucks while meetup with Chingyih and his friends, Xiang, Tianchad and Wern. Just sit down, chit chatting, bullshitting, no is beautiful :)


Brought along my Helios 58mm to play around under lowlight. As i expected it is hard to do manual focus but i did it too. Oh courtesy to Pennie too for borrow me her Olympus E-PL2 too to mount on this lens while she playing my Olympus E-P3. Did all grainy film shot and well, i love it ;)






It is nice and random plan but i love it. Shud reli have this kind of impromptu things once in a while :D

 * Camwhore as usual *
* When Ryan decided to go Sissy *


Kian Fai said...

sad case I dun dare to drive up to genting :(

RedButtockz Wern said...

so sleepy nearly faint tht night haha
i like your camera ahhhhh!!!

Jackie Loi said...

@kianfai practice make perfect XD

@liwern come come hint tianchad buy 1 for u :P