Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Happiest Moment

If you do read bout this blog post before, then i am pretty sure you know i am a camera lover. Whenever i am holding a camera, i totally change to a difference person. You all can see my total smile and excitement when i am using any camera regardless belong to myself or my friends. That's the reason why i love to hold and use my friends camera X)

* The current camera i have, all are Olympus! *

Everyone do have their happiest moment. For me, my happiest moment is with Olympus camera. Because my first ever digital compact is Olympus! Later 2~3 years, my dad got me another digital compact camera which is Olympus brand too. Later few years, i got myself another compact, Olympus XZ-1 which reli bring me alot satisfaction. Recently, sadly i sold of my XZ-1 because i need to fund for Olympus E-P3! ;)

* My first compact, Olympus Camedia C-170 *
* My second compact, Olympus FE-230 *

* My belated Olympus XZ-1 *
* My current m4/3, Olympus E-P3 *
* Olympus-tachi *

That's made Olympus is my first official camera and I able to capture alot happy moment with friends with Olympus camera. I also get to learn the basic photography that time. Because of Olympus too, i willing to sell off my Nikon D60 and change system to micro four third, which is currently i am using Olympus E-P3. It bring me alot satisfaction in terms of design, performance and the end result.

 * This is my happiest moment with Olympus *

Thanks to Olympus, I really manage to capture alot awesome moment with my friends. Olympus you're my best!


Anne Lee said...

all the best dude. :)

Euniceee said...

haha! Nice and short post!! All the best bro!

CleverMunkey ® said...

u can derma me all ur cam instead after winning this contest! hahahah... all the best! :D

Jackie Loi said...

@anne thanks ;)

@eunice haha telima kasih!

@henry nahhh all are my precious k -_- thanks anyway ;)