Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Nuffnang Story

Just a blink of eyes, I have been spending time together with Nuffnang for 3 years. I will never forget the date i join nuffnang, it is 9th November 2008. In this 3 years period time, we watch each other growing up until today what we are. Yes, this post is special dedicate to Nuffnang.

For me, being a blogger, being apart of Nuffnang Community is not because of money, fame or even blog traffic. Is about people who i going to meet. Thanks to this awesome community, i actually met alot great friends :)

Based on my blog tag, I have been joining total 223 activities with Nuffnang. That's included Movie screening, event/party, food review, blog contest and etc. Sorry for the long blog post but i really feel like put on everything to express my journey with Nuffnang! T__T

My first time leaving foot print by attending Nuffnang event was actually when i join the Dragonball Evolution blog post. During the time, i was afraid to join any competition because i know, i am a guy with forever no luck to win. However Nuffnang had prove me wrong, with the lousy blog post i actually won myself a pair of premier screening to watch Dragonball Evolution!

It also give me a chance to meet with other bloggers who become friends now as well during the screening for the first time after we chat in Innit for so long. I was amaze everyone is friendly, talkative. Just like friends who close to you :D i feel the warmest in this community.

With this, it is remarkable that Dragonball Evolution screening is my first screening and event ever with Nuffnang. Next, I still remember the first event i join with Nuffnang is the LG Angel and Devil party in Hup Seng tower. It is an event to celebrate LGBlog launched.


Oh it also my first time travel to Nuffnang office to collect the passes.

* Nuffnang doorbell those day *

I was excited with the event because i dunno which side should i go, Angel or Devil? Angel need wear white and devil need wear red. Ended up i choose black and white outfit on that who am i? XP


* First time meeting so many people :D *
* I wonder if anyone miss this moment :) *

What about blog contest? After being able to won myself a pair of premier screening tics for Dragonball Evolution, i actually started to had abit confident on myself. Soon i join KFC Flava’ Roast! contest.

Guess what? I can't believe that i won it! Eventhough it is just a consolation prize, but i am happy :D That's marked my first prize ever from Nuffnang aside from movie/event passes! The prize was RM100 worth KFC voucher.

 * ohh i miss Yat with long hair XD *

That prize giving ceremony on that day itself made me know who is Tianchad and Nicole..and also my first time actually talk with nuffie, Nicholas Chay.

Beside all the first time experiences with Nuffnang, i would like to include some event that craved a deep memory in my mind and heart. An event that i enjoy it very much with friends :)

Tiger Standout Party! One of the best event where everyone has to dress up and to be stand out in order to win the prize. For me myself, i am not much fans of dressing up..yet until today XD


Anyway it is a great event because we actually laughing on each other outfit. I still remember on that day itself is Timothy birthday. Everyone paste wishing note on his body! Hahaha those day are reli fun :D

We do have some after party after the Tiger standout which is Murni Mamak. Have you seen 52 bloggers in a mamak before? awesome right ;)

Another event i actually love is LG Cookie Monster that held on last year. Yes another costume wearing event!

* Adele, Jestina and Tzia *
* More and more monster around *
* Nuffies first performance ever! Nobody nobody but chu! *
* Winners for the best costume *

Nuffnang prepared a day out for us too at time square!


* Vivien, Jess and Jess *

One of my favourite event from Nuffnang is none other than treasure hunt type of game! It is a game i can formed a team with my friends and compete with others people!! I really do enjoy this kind of game because it increase the bond and mutual understanding with friends :D So far i only join 2 this kind of game from Nuffnang which is

Digi Internet Pimp my day, I formed a group together with Jacq, Sam and Xiang and call ourself 1Koolz! We even custom made our own T-shirt.


* The yellow Team! *
* Each of us won ourself RM300 Chilis voucher! *

Next is Maxis Om Nom Nom Race early this year where i formed a group with Ken, Jieyi and Sophia. We name ourself as Naan of Mai Business. Funny name huh? XP



* We won 2nd price in this event and each of us get ourself HTC Mozart *

Those even are really fun. It made us sweat, it made us enjoy it, it made us feel awesome :D

Beside KFC Flava Roast! prize, as i mentioned before i actually started to have any confident to join any contest held by Nuffnang. Sometime i reli dun care i win it or not, but most important is i enjoy what I am doing. However i believe life good when you never give up :) Thanks to Nuffnang, i reli did won something cool back then.


* Acer Aspire with custom made name  from Digi Internet Pimp my day contest *

Another moment I with Nuffnang is joining the awesome family back to last year. I work as part time there. Eventhough is short, but i actually enjoy it. Not because of the job scope, but because of you all, funny colleague, funny Nuffie's ;)

* Michelle "Poke Poke" *

Nuffnang do bring me to travel as well. I still remember i went to Singapore twice and Penang once sponsored by Nuffnang as well :D Really feel grateful to them because I myself would impossible to travel because i don't have money :(

Convoy to Penang together with TianChad early this year was fun! :D We stay at Hard Rock hotel and went to beach together!.





A journey to Singapore for F1 with Simon and Jess.

* Who is Ms Seow? :P *
* 3 of us *

* Lotus team supported *

Last but not least, I was at Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2009! It was held in Singapore too and that's my first time in Singapore in my whole life! I don't know why but this trip and event is actually the most memorable event for me. I do have fun with all my friends there. We are like a family for each other :)






It was reli a good memory :)

Anyway, if you guys dunno, Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is back!! They are doing this once a 2 years and this is shell under Malaysia on 16 December 2011 at Putrajaya Marriott. 500 bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region will join in! The Awards aims to not only honour the region's best bloggers, but also to bring together blogger communities from across Asia-Pacific. The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott.

I really can't wait to attend this event again and see who are the winner for each award :D

For more information, feel free to click here. Do nominate as well before 2nd November!

Thanks for Nuffnang all this year. A journey with you in 3 years is awesome and memorable :)

P/s can you guys nominate me too? *puppy eye* haha :)


ken said...

your nuffnang story is so much more interesting than mine.. haha.. keep it up. :)

Kian Fai Koh said...

fuiyoh your hairstyle last time so yeng! no color = classic XD

interesting story indeed and Bernard looks so hensem too lol

fresh said...

HAHAHAHA i didn't know our doorbell was so last time!

awwww love your story so far! hopefully got more to come :D

Xue Ren said...

aww! lovely story!! u're really active in joining so many events weyy! way to go! :)

Carina said...

I can see how new I am to nuffnang after reading your story! You have went so many events and go through a lot with nuffnang! So cool!

bendan said...

Interesting journey u had wehh!! Great to see all the memory photos, all so precious!!

Be frank... altho u looks kiddo last time but yeng la. Hahaha!! Looks so much different now. LOL!! Maybe of the hair style I think.

* stop eating so much bread, gain weight then u know!! LOLz!!

Serge Norguard said...


nice one.

Jackie Loi said...

@kenwooi no worry, dif ppl dif interesting story, dun need compare who is better than who ;)

@kianfai aiya now old liao laa haha..n yes bernard very yeng 1! ;)

@fresh hahaha abit fail indeed XD thanks n yes, more to come with you guys! thanks for everything till today <3

@xueren yea long way to go ;)

@carina LOL old man ma what to do of coz eat salt more than eat rice rite haha

@kahmon ya all are very precious to me :) Isk kiddo T_T now mature adi ma! no more lala bread wun gain weight la unless i eat alot hahah

@dusty u also nice! ;P