Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Arthur's Christmas Premier Screening

It is Christmas season!! Manage to catch up the Arthur's Christmas premier srceening with Marilyn last night.

This Christmas movie answers every child‟s question how can Santa get around the whole world in just one night? The answer is a gloriously technically advanced North Pole operation, featuring an army of one million field elves, a vast supersonic 'sleigh' and a huge control center under the ice of the North Pole. But even the most high-tech operation has a margin of error... When the gift delivery to just one child in six hundred million is missed, Santa and his super-capable son Steve deem it an "acceptable margin of error". But Arthur Christmas, the misfit youngest son can't bear it. In a crazy rookie mission he sets out to get the last present half way around the globe in the two hours before Christmas dawns. His comical adventure reunites the dysfunctional Santa family and saves the future of Christmas itself.

Don't have good impression on this movie after watching the teaser but hey, surprisingly the story is very well done! A very meaningful christmas story where, no kid should left out by Santa. The adventure, the obstacle and the challenge the face are pretty entertaining.


The style is very much like Charlie and the Chance of the Meatball. Well i am not surprise because both are made by Sony studip! They had their own significant style in animation i must say ;) Nevertheless, the 3D modeling, texturing and animation are very well done. Not to mention, the large scale modeling of the building are awesome!


Catch this movie! It will really bring you the Christmas feeling :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Johnnie Walker Black Ciruit Brazil @ KL LIVE

I was getting myself a last minute invitation to Johnnie Walker Black Ciruit Brazil at KL LIVE last Saturday. For some reason, i did not regret attending it. Thanks to Wilee for the pass! Appreciated it alot!

* With Wilee, she was the crew of the night *

This mark that it is my actually first time to Johnnie Walker event. Past event i was too busy to attend due to my assignment. This event is very exclusive and grand as well eventhough it was held at KL LIVE.

* Oh yes KLCC! Long time din c such composition T3T *

Unlike Hennessy Artistry, Johnnie Walker does not involved artist performance. It was DJ playing music for the whole night all d way until 3am! There are some dancing performance as well to spices up the stage.

* The Stage *
* Emcee of the night *

Most of my drinking buddy wasn't there. Oh Jieyi was there too and drink quite alot with her LOL..nevertheless, it is a good event ;)

* Half of the Naan team, me & Jieyi *

Did not shoot on performance, all pictures here are purely with friends.

* The awesome gang *
* Benjamin and Hui Min *
* With Jamie *
* With Marilyn and Elaine *
* With Felicia *
* With Jess *
* Classic style, with Jess & Lionel *
* With Jiayeen *
* With Iris *
* With Sherry *
* With Yeeing *
* With Vivian *
* Finally, with the sagua bendan Kahmon *

Like Johnnie said, Keep Walking! This is what i gonna do in my life :)

For more pictures of Johnnie Walker Black Ciruit Brazil, feel free to visit my facebook page ( and click like ;P

Saturday, November 26, 2011

kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker MG Figure

Since i started to work, i told myself beside saving it up, i'll get an item to reward myself once a month. This what i am rewarding myself, a MG Figure for Kamen Rider!

Since Kamen Rider W is one of my favourite rider, i am not suprise i am getting it first. Plus, Cyclone Joker is badass ever! I like it that MG (Master Grade) Figure allowed alot joint to move!

Like Gundam, have to assemble it. But i enjoy the process. Seriously since i was young i had alot gundam figure which all gone now because i dun appreciated them that time.

Took me around 2 weeks to finish assemble it. Mind you i am taking my sweet time to do it actually ;) Took my camera and prepare to do some set up and strobist but FML the fill light not bright enough ;/



But somehow i like it that way..more mysterious X)



Next MG Figure i will get will be either Kamen Rider Accel or Kamen Rider Skull first! I got feeling i'll get Accel first X)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Job and Camera

Totally exhausted this last few weeks! Party all d way on weekend and work like cow on weekday. I do realize owning an Olympus E-P3 really bring alot satisfaction to me. My weight had been lighten alot however, sometime job and reality is cruel :(

Get a job last night as photographer and thanks to Jeffro for lending his D300 or else i will lose this opportunity ;/

Yea, job, everyone love DSLR. Everyone can afford a DSLR. So why d hell am i giving up mine and get Baby Zeekon? ;/ well because i alwiz believe skill come first, gear later. But i think reality alwiz a reality, people still love to see DSLR on hand..oh well

I told myself in future i'll be back with DSLR, and not even 2 months, i was thinking to owned it back ;/ D7000 maybe? or Full frame? blah i am sure i cant afford either 1 of them with my current income..unless God if u love, strike me some lottery or camera k? ^^

I am not ranting, but i am still trying hard to prove i can do well too without DSLR! I'll do it with my babe Zeekon! I'll prove it!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Puss In Boots Premier Screening

Date : Tuesday, November 22 2011
Venue: GSC, 1 Utama
Time: 9.30 PM

Courtesy to Churpchurp i get to watch Puss in Boots premier screening last night. Brough marilyn as my guest of the night.

A story about the events leading up to the sword fighting cat's meeting with Shrek and his friends.

One of the character from Sherk, Puss in Boots officially get his own movie! I bet alot ppl are excited about it especially cat lover ;) Overal the graphic and effect are totally awesome! Dreamwork style, oh well..

However the plot are too simple and pretty predictable. Not much action involve, which pretty disappointing. No awesome camera movement as well. To put into simple word, it is just another common story, unlike movie from Megamind or Kungfu Panda.

However it is still enjoyable to watch all the funny movement and of coz, the adoreable Puss especially with his killer eye! Beware! ;P

Catch this in cinema tomorrow if u love Puss in Boots! Meowwwww :3

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SUKI-YA at Pavilion

Last saturday I went to have lunch with my colleague since we get our first internship allowance. To celebrate it, we told ourself we gotta eat till we satisfied and while researching for a suitable places, i found Suki-ya, Pavilion. Pricing for RM28.90 for lunch, we give a bet on this shop.

* Awesome Christmas decoration in Pavilion *

* and Ultraman Mebius! *

Suki-Ya is located at Pavilion Tokyo Street, just next to Daiso. What is Suki-Ya?

Suki-ya is “House of Hot Pot” is designed to offer heart-warming dining experiences at equally endearing prices. Diners enjoy unlimited, top-quality Australian chilled beef and farmed chicken that are oh-so-delicious in their own right. Another highlight of Suki-Ya is its vegetable bar featuring a wide variety of fresh vegetables to round up the meal with a healthy touch. Along with sumptuous soups and broths, dining at Suki-Ya is bound to perk up everyone’s taste buds. One of the latest brand new eatery launched by Creative Eateries! Sukiya or “House of hot pot” is designed to offer a fun and unpretentious dining experience.

Well, it deserved what it claim. We are given choice to choose 3 types of soup which are normal shabu, Sukiyaki and Kimuchi soup. Not to mention, free flow of meat (lamb, beef and chicken).

* Sauces *
* Chicken *
* Beef *
* Lamb *

There is a healthy bar where featuring varieties type of vegetables as well. Wanna be healthy? mix it into ur shabu, not only meat..oh wait i ate meat more actually X)

* Healthy bar *
* Food that i got it from Healthy Bar *
* Is Shabu time! *

Among the 3 meat, my favourite would be lamb. But dun get me wrong, chicken and beef taste awesome too but it is just me love lamb more ^^ the meat is seriously soft and taste nice. Worth the money if you just keep ordering meat X)

* The only 3 of us *

Whenever come to buffet type, one of my favourite is none other than ice cream! Suki-Ya prepared 3 type flavored Japanese Ice Cream - Chocolate, Vanilla and Chocolate mix with Vanilla. The machine kinda reminded me of Tutti Frutti LOL

* Wonder what will happen if i press the reset button *
* The topping for your ice cream *
* jeng jeng jeng *

Well, i know it look kinda gross but, trust me never judge a book by its cover! The ice cream taste very smooth and easily melt in mouth. The sensation is awesome! One of the best ice cream i ever had ;)

I would really recommended this to all my friends who enjoy Shabu ;) I'll be back for this shop again with more friends!