Friday, November 04, 2011

HOT Magazine 7th Anniversary

Last week Kahmon invited me to HOT Magazine 7th Anniversary in Zouk. Well, since i am free after work why not? However it seem it kinda proved me wrong. I am too tired after the long working hour and F**king jam all d way. However, gotta admit i enjoy myself that least temporarily :)

* Emcee of the night, Jeremy and Linora *

The theme of that night was Angel or Devil, so is not surprise if some freaking ugly monster or pretty angle show up on that night. As usual, games are always ready for audiences. One of them is awesome enough coz failed to answer HOT Magazine anniversary years..awesome right? ;P



* This dude is awesome coz keep spitting blood! LOL *
* Yay! Karwei got 1 year supply of condom! but i think all belong to Sophia now..opss *

As i mentioned before i actually kinda tired, dun feel like having the burden to hold camera thus, i went to bar and my seat to have a good drink for myself and friends. Sadly, manage to drink a cup of whiskey and a bottle of tiger only ;/

* Joker of the night, Benjamin & Isaac *
* My tired look, Sherry & Kahmon *
* Thanks again ^^ *

Well, Happy Birthday to HOT Magazine again! You guys are awesome! ;)


Isaac Tan said...

it was pretty awesome :) Love going events with you guys. lol XD

Kian Fai Koh said...

walao Isaac face pattern and Benjamin so In wei XD

BenjaminVai said...

from awesome to awesome.


bendan said...

Yerrr~ Why us looks like last time 7aste.. Pffttt!! Hahaha!!

Jackie Loi said...

@isaac LOL drink more la next time!

@kianfai tin sang yat dui rite?

@benjamin AU SOME!

@Kahmon mean we still look young n good ;) *wink wink*

bendan said...

You ah, gonna eat more broccoli... to stay young!! Pffftttt!!

Jackie Loi said...

@kahmon stay young hou hou yeh! :D