Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Immortal Premier Screening

Thanks Jiayeen for inviting me to watch Nuffnang, Immortal Premier Screening X).

A purported bastard who retains an allegiance to his mother despite the fact that he longs to join the quest of a king who is battling demons in ancient Greece later embarks on a grail of discovery that has him finding he is the king's son and also fated to become his country's greatest hero as he leads the successful war against long imprisoned Titans who are hoping to use the demons to restore their power.

Honestly i putting up too much expectation on this movie and ended up full with disappointment and question mark. The storyline pretty direct, revenge and destroy the evil. However the storyline does not reli well developed and leave me quite alot question mark (eg why Zeus never use his mighty lighting but a chain to hit? he run out of mana? LOL). Plus, cinema censored too much scene. The so call Epirus Bow that suppose to be icon of this movie just show up and used for few times LOLL



However i am giving credit to the matte painting, visual effect and sound track of this movie. As expected, everything very 300ish ;) Same goes to the action, pretty violence and up to my like, except the CG-ish body part been blow off.


Catch this in cinema if you need some violence movie.