Thursday, November 24, 2011

Job and Camera

Totally exhausted this last few weeks! Party all d way on weekend and work like cow on weekday. I do realize owning an Olympus E-P3 really bring alot satisfaction to me. My weight had been lighten alot however, sometime job and reality is cruel :(

Get a job last night as photographer and thanks to Jeffro for lending his D300 or else i will lose this opportunity ;/

Yea, job, everyone love DSLR. Everyone can afford a DSLR. So why d hell am i giving up mine and get Baby Zeekon? ;/ well because i alwiz believe skill come first, gear later. But i think reality alwiz a reality, people still love to see DSLR on hand..oh well

I told myself in future i'll be back with DSLR, and not even 2 months, i was thinking to owned it back ;/ D7000 maybe? or Full frame? blah i am sure i cant afford either 1 of them with my current income..unless God if u love, strike me some lottery or camera k? ^^

I am not ranting, but i am still trying hard to prove i can do well too without DSLR! I'll do it with my babe Zeekon! I'll prove it!