Monday, November 28, 2011

Johnnie Walker Black Ciruit Brazil @ KL LIVE

I was getting myself a last minute invitation to Johnnie Walker Black Ciruit Brazil at KL LIVE last Saturday. For some reason, i did not regret attending it. Thanks to Wilee for the pass! Appreciated it alot!

* With Wilee, she was the crew of the night *

This mark that it is my actually first time to Johnnie Walker event. Past event i was too busy to attend due to my assignment. This event is very exclusive and grand as well eventhough it was held at KL LIVE.

* Oh yes KLCC! Long time din c such composition T3T *

Unlike Hennessy Artistry, Johnnie Walker does not involved artist performance. It was DJ playing music for the whole night all d way until 3am! There are some dancing performance as well to spices up the stage.

* The Stage *
* Emcee of the night *

Most of my drinking buddy wasn't there. Oh Jieyi was there too and drink quite alot with her LOL..nevertheless, it is a good event ;)

* Half of the Naan team, me & Jieyi *

Did not shoot on performance, all pictures here are purely with friends.

* The awesome gang *
* Benjamin and Hui Min *
* With Jamie *
* With Marilyn and Elaine *
* With Felicia *
* With Jess *
* Classic style, with Jess & Lionel *
* With Jiayeen *
* With Iris *
* With Sherry *
* With Yeeing *
* With Vivian *
* Finally, with the sagua bendan Kahmon *

Like Johnnie said, Keep Walking! This is what i gonna do in my life :)

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Kian Fai Koh said...

hahaha that Another KLCC is Felixia Yeap right?

Kian Fai Koh said...

aiya got no scandal photo here :P

Jessy said...

Hahahah Really KLCC man! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isaac Tan said...

another nice night :) .. and KLCC?! haha.. good one man

bendan said...

Yerr... I looks so messy here with that stupid face. LOLz!! The very 1st time I dont have much photos of myself. ='[

Sherry Degarmo said...

where is the sexy back picture?

Jackie Loi said...

@kianfai hahah high 5! :P

@jessy very what lorr :(

@isaac guess urself ;P

@kahmon where messy la isk *pat* nvm other event alot ur photos ;)

@sheery whose 1? i got ur armpit only LOL