Saturday, November 26, 2011

kamen Rider W Cyclone Joker MG Figure

Since i started to work, i told myself beside saving it up, i'll get an item to reward myself once a month. This what i am rewarding myself, a MG Figure for Kamen Rider!

Since Kamen Rider W is one of my favourite rider, i am not suprise i am getting it first. Plus, Cyclone Joker is badass ever! I like it that MG (Master Grade) Figure allowed alot joint to move!

Like Gundam, have to assemble it. But i enjoy the process. Seriously since i was young i had alot gundam figure which all gone now because i dun appreciated them that time.

Took me around 2 weeks to finish assemble it. Mind you i am taking my sweet time to do it actually ;) Took my camera and prepare to do some set up and strobist but FML the fill light not bright enough ;/



But somehow i like it that way..more mysterious X)



Next MG Figure i will get will be either Kamen Rider Accel or Kamen Rider Skull first! I got feeling i'll get Accel first X)