Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Octoberfest at GAB Tavern

I was invited to Octoberfest last Thursday at GAB Tavern. Finally, my first time being in Oktoberfest. Been complained by Sharon for not seeing me at all this whole month of Octoberfest XD..Brought Ken & Pennie along to enjoy the night with me ;)

Awesome food served to us. Too bad couldn't made it to 2nd round..i on healthy nutrition and healthy diet now ;/



The whole night we been entertained by the music performance and games. But what most importance is friends being there with beer ;) Having fun chit chatting with friends about job, camera, event etc etc.




oh yea i know i short LOL...well a very best night of the day. Next gonna be Hennessy Artistry where i am sure, all of us gonna enjoy it very much!