Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SUKI-YA at Pavilion

Last saturday I went to have lunch with my colleague since we get our first internship allowance. To celebrate it, we told ourself we gotta eat till we satisfied and while researching for a suitable places, i found Suki-ya, Pavilion. Pricing for RM28.90 for lunch, we give a bet on this shop.

* Awesome Christmas decoration in Pavilion *

* and Ultraman Mebius! *

Suki-Ya is located at Pavilion Tokyo Street, just next to Daiso. What is Suki-Ya?

Suki-ya is “House of Hot Pot” is designed to offer heart-warming dining experiences at equally endearing prices. Diners enjoy unlimited, top-quality Australian chilled beef and farmed chicken that are oh-so-delicious in their own right. Another highlight of Suki-Ya is its vegetable bar featuring a wide variety of fresh vegetables to round up the meal with a healthy touch. Along with sumptuous soups and broths, dining at Suki-Ya is bound to perk up everyone’s taste buds. One of the latest brand new eatery launched by Creative Eateries! Sukiya or “House of hot pot” is designed to offer a fun and unpretentious dining experience.

Well, it deserved what it claim. We are given choice to choose 3 types of soup which are normal shabu, Sukiyaki and Kimuchi soup. Not to mention, free flow of meat (lamb, beef and chicken).

* Sauces *
* Chicken *
* Beef *
* Lamb *

There is a healthy bar where featuring varieties type of vegetables as well. Wanna be healthy? mix it into ur shabu, not only meat..oh wait i ate meat more actually X)

* Healthy bar *
* Food that i got it from Healthy Bar *
* Is Shabu time! *

Among the 3 meat, my favourite would be lamb. But dun get me wrong, chicken and beef taste awesome too but it is just me love lamb more ^^ the meat is seriously soft and taste nice. Worth the money if you just keep ordering meat X)

* The only 3 of us *

Whenever come to buffet type, one of my favourite is none other than ice cream! Suki-Ya prepared 3 type flavored Japanese Ice Cream - Chocolate, Vanilla and Chocolate mix with Vanilla. The machine kinda reminded me of Tutti Frutti LOL

* Wonder what will happen if i press the reset button *
* The topping for your ice cream *
* jeng jeng jeng *

Well, i know it look kinda gross but, trust me never judge a book by its cover! The ice cream taste very smooth and easily melt in mouth. The sensation is awesome! One of the best ice cream i ever had ;)

I would really recommended this to all my friends who enjoy Shabu ;) I'll be back for this shop again with more friends!


FiSh said...

now that i know tokyo street has steamboat restaurant :) anyway i love the ice cream the most! :D


Nikel Khor said...

Nice shabu shabu.. With all fresh fresh slices meat!

Jackie Loi said...

@fish the ice cream is nice ;)

@nikel agree! fat dai me muahaha