Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tenshi no Cafe Food Review

All shot are taken by Samsung NX200

Last tues, i was invited to have a food review session in Tenshi no Cafe. It has been located in e @ Curve since last few month. It is a cafe base on japanese maid concept. Now they came with butler of coz ;P

The environment is pretty good. Very pinkish. The only thing i dislike is the lighting quite dim. Another thing i felt quite important is the song selection of the cafe. Other than that they had pretty cool stuff such as toy display and console..but of course everything come with price ;P



Our maid and butler of the night. I forgot to ask their name ;/


Here is the menu for us on that night. Well total 10 dishes but we don;t get to choose. We choose based on draw lot ;/

 * Kawaii Bento - Snow Day *
* Salmon Fish Ball served with Japanese Fried Rice *
* Mango Curry Rice *
* Teriyaki Don *
* Chicken Spaghetti with Black Pepper Sauce *
* Katsu Curry Chicken *
* Una Toji Don *
* Kawaii Bento - Squirrel Haven *
* Seafood Spaghetti with Sweet and Sour sauce *
* Japanese Omurice is served with any decoration you like *
* Japanese Omurice with rabbit drawing *

I get the Mango Curry Rice. Uh well...a Mango on top with a curry rice. The curry is nicely done with various of spice inside. It just had a mild spiciness. The mango was fresh too. However, this 2 combination just make me feel like a combination of hot and cold. Other than the curry taste, actually i felt the food is okok, up to standard at least.

We were served with dessert as well. I choose the Durian Ice Floss. It tasted very good! Worth to order on my next visit ;)

* Peach Ice Floss - very sweet *
* Durian Ice Floss *

Overall, I think they have a pretty cool concept in their cafe design. However i felt the food can be improved more in terms of the price and portion. Not to mention, they can provide more variety of Japanese food. But i do love and appreciated their effort & creativity in decorate their food, this is one of the uniqueness of Tenshi no Cafe :)

* With deary YY *


Isaac Tan said...

the last photo, very sweet :)

This is really an interesting place to dine in, haven' had the chance to try yet though

kuromeowiie said...

only snowman attracted me :/ still moe de cafe have cuter maid XD

y--square said...

Wah leh... Since when you so rajin photoshop photo 1? Some more my PS my face leh! LOLOLOL~ thanks!

Jackie Loi said...

@isaac go try n get some spoon feed k? :P

@iris haha yes ma de cafe ftw! but food also sucks XD

@yy dun perasan k all pics are pure from cam n din edit LOL

bendan said...

Ohhhh~ that's how the sweet photo comes from. LOLZ!!

2person with so many food? Are you serious?? Looks yummy btw, how's the pricing?? At the curve?? WHY ME NO SEE THAT DAY? Arghhh!!

Nikel Khor said...

Wah... So good go dating at there.. haha.. But their maid is so so only wor..

maslight said...

This post make me so wanna go there

Eno said...

Ah, Akiko-san dyed her hair again. Been here thrice. Their food is ok la. Too bad some of the good maids "retired" already. Being a fan of Japanese pop culture, I feel Akiko is the one who is good in this stuff.

Btw, that butler is Riku. The other maid I don't know.

Jackie Loi said...

@kahmon lol whatttt LOL..not 2 of us la, got other food reviewer too LOL..price expensive ;/

@nikel cough :P

@maslight worth giving a first time try ;)

@eno i heard the buttler is new addition, last time only maid :)

Adminstrator said...

why is that have the 10commdation??
10ruleS? LoL..

still can take photos.. if ask them..
why cant stay more than 2hours..??

DJjan Wachid said...

why is that have the 10commdation??
10ruleS? LoL..

still can take photos.. if ask them..
why cant stay more than 2hours..??