Wednesday, December 07, 2011

7aste Moscow @ Laundry Bar

Every week drink like mofo tofo really can die. Beer belly is coming out. But, nth is comparable to had awesome party and drinking session with friends around ;)

Was invited as VIP and i manage to bring 3 guest with me, which are Jieyi, Ken & Alex. of course, free Vodka for us too ;) But me, Ken and Jieyi manage to whack finish the Vodka within 2.5 glasses each of us..oh yea Jieyi poured the Vodka damn kanasai -_-

* Oh yes same jacket again..fml me no money but new clothes :( *
* my 2 cute guest, Ken & Jieyi *
* with Jieyi *
* Kahmon, not-me and Jieyi *
* with Ken *

On the same day itself, it was Jiayeen birthday too. Woops good thing Simon brought cake in there and we celebrate her birthday..oh thanks god i din hit any cake on that night.


* Jiayeen the birthday girl *
* not gonna miss a photo with her *
* Another group shot with Simon at the back LOL *

And so picture continue with whoever i manage take with :)

* With Kahmon *
* Ah Pond and Genee *
* With Shannon *
* Samuel who kick in later with us *
* Not to forget, everyone else who was there :) *

Most pics are credited to Ken since my camera battery died right before i manage shot more than 15 pics..piff fml, shud charge kao kao next time before event. Nevertheless, i had fun with everyone there :)


Isaac Tan said...

nice catching up with you there Jackie