Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Count 13/12/11

Finally i got mood to touch my blog. Been really busy this few days..not busy with my work, but busy digging money for christmas X) oh not to mention having celebration for 2 of my bestie on last sat and monday. It is always nice to hang out with them..we been knew each other for almost two decade :)

Nevertheless, NAPBAS is happening this week! Alot people are doing preparation for it. So do it. My biggest regret for last 2 year attending NAPBAS in Singapore was i didn't got myself a coat. With my financial status that time, i really cant afford one for myself. no, I dowan ask money from parent because it is a burden. Plus, due to my special "body structure" it is hard to get my size actually.

However this year NAPBAS, i told myself, no matter what i gonna get myself a coat/blazer or whatever u call. I believe, no matter what, where, who, why, a man must at least had a coat for themself. But of course, i am getting some affordable 1. Survey around Jusco last week and i saw this.

I don't know appreciate coat yet, all look d same for me. So why not get a cheap one first? tried this 1 last week and i really like it.

but FML i don't bring enough cash to buy it actually. Feeling disappointed, the hope seem shine above me when i actually knew it that today, 13th December 2011 is Jusco member card day. Without hesitating, pull Marilyn around and shop with me just now.

Bought myself a Tie last week, new white shirt (oh yea i alwiz wear black 1 if u notice ;P i dun have white LOL) and finally, a coat for myself. Total damage? RM216.20...ok la right?

I can button my coat! ok i need to "suk" my tummy to do that fml...anyway, is a good motivation for me to diet..diet diet diet diet diet! rawr!! Oh yea, i just dye my hair back X) Teehee

NAPBAS this friday, i am excited! What about u? ;)

Anyway happy 13 12 11 to u all!


HenRy LeE said...

nice suit weih... if i buy a new suit then maybe i'll wear it like once then collect dust! xD

bendan said...

WTF!! Damn smart... I like the color!! Really. U bought it!! XD

Jackie Loi said...

@henry haha well i believe every man need at least 1 la..:P

@kahmon of coz, i choose 1 worr ;P