Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Ever wonder who are the best friend for SIRI, in iPhone 4S?

I am pretty sure alot people gonna answer this.

However, I still believe Digi is a clear winner for me because of reliability.

So, i accepted the challenge to investigate who are the best partner for SIRI.

And this is what i did.

After the simple test, here another reason why DiGi is best companion ever for SIRI!


We have a clear winner isn't??

I been using DiGi for 7 years and it never failed me even once! I am happy and satisfy with their plan and coverage. So, how could you denied DiGi iPhone 4SURE SIRI ANSWERS?? ;)


Charmaine said...

Wah banyak creative! Good luck!

Jia Ying (Carey) said...

OMG!!! so creative...I think I gonna lost liao

Jackie Loi said...

terima kasih..hopefully can win X)

mokcik-ann said...

congrats... u dah menang kan..

Muaz Faris said...

tahniah ye sebab dah menang.

aku dah buat post congrats utk korang..