Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice Festival

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Well, no Tang Yuen for me this year. Mummy just went to Popo house after done some Kimo-theraphy this morning. Oh well, it really doesnt matter for me anyway, guess i am not cainis enuf ;/

Nevertheless, been really pretty busy nowdays. Hanging out alot with friends to differences event and celebration till i hardly find a time for myself. Oh thanks God, i rejected few unnecessary events and here i am, able to update a new blog header for christmas and 2012 year celebration!! ;) * I can feel the distance between me and her is getting further. *

Yea nth much edited compare to last year woo woo..i wish i could have more time to spend on it but i am really busy preparing for christmas and new year. Not to mention, gonna spend my christmas with Deary in Melaka ;) Really looking forward for this since we decided to do something we never did before *cough cough - not what u think - cough cough*

And finally, almost cried in office this morning after watch this.

Congrate to Tim & Audrey again. U guys made me believe nth is impossible. Now i am like looking on friends getting married, not weird since we all know each other :)

Anyway, hope everyone enjoy this season holiday! My blog will still update, i wun take a break yet! X)