Saturday, December 31, 2011

NAPBAS After party & Chill Out Session

The event is not end! We went to the after party at Zouk on that night itself after NAPBAS2011. Pretty tired and exhausted, thus i din reli party nor drink. Just sit down, chit chatting and enjoying the night.

* Jolyn facial FTW already *

* Deary, Jolyn & Ken *
* Mijel, Nic, Joshua & Tiffanie *
* With the love *

Went to the chill out session with all foreign bloggers on the next day at G Tower, Roofview. Oh reli FML coz only me and my deary from Malaysia..uhhh feel like shrinking smaller and smaller again being small toufu there. Nevertheless, i have fun enjoying the view with deary there.

* Blogger mountain, blogger sea *
* one of the best German beer ever *
* Guess who is this hot lady? *
* my gf of coz! *
* Finally, a picture with Hong Peng *

It was a great event that everyone looking forwards. Now, lets wait another 2 years for the next NAPBAS ;)