Friday, December 30, 2011

Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011

Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 also known as NAPBAS for short form was held on last 2 friday at Putrajaya Marriott. For us, this awards is just too awesome to do not miss it. If you are my readers since the blog was born, you know i haven been to the very first NAPBAS back to last 2 years at Singapore. The memories and fun time there is still clearly in my head ;) So this year, I am lucky to get invited to the 2nd NAPBAS!

* Ta daa *

Being held in KL this round, we are proud and welcoming bloggers around few regions to here. Honestly, when attending this awards, it just make me feel like i am actually a little toufu among the crowds..oh well, i am alwiz X)

* Some performance before the event started *
* Both Nuffnang co-founder, Ming & Tim *

Glad to see my gang around there. As usual, pics session with them ;)

* Deary and me. Ppl go visit her blog! *
* With Jolyn, all the way fly from Penang! *
* Kahmon, YY and me *
* With Kahmon. Why suddenly she so tall 1? *
* Camwhore #likeaboss *
* Cindy why u no short! *
* Another crazy gang - Glow, Isaac, Jayren, Jiayeen & Kahmon *
* JQ & Michelle *
* with Jiayeen *
* Another group..ok too much to list out T3T *
* Ken, Suefei with Dusty as photobomb *
* Awesome people at my table *
* With Jamie *
* U all know who is him, Jian *
* With Suefei *
* With Diese *
* 3 Musketeers Mosquito! Sam & Ken *
* With Mijel *

We are served by a very nice fine dining as well. Pretty remind me last 2 years NAPBAS food.

* Mediterranean Seafood Terrine with Wasabi Tobiko Dessing on Crispy Lettuce *
* Puree of Split Pea Soup with Herb Twist *
* Grape Sorbet with Fresh Mint *
* Pan-fried Dory Fillet with Spicy Peach Sauce *
* Pitachio Crumbed Baked Chicken Supreme with Thyme Gravy served with Lasagna Potatoes & Garden Green Vegetables *
* Tiramisu in Chocolate Chip with Strawberry & Vanilla Sauce *

*drum roll* here we go, the winner for the awards! All their hard work blogging get paid on this awards. Congratulation to them! *sigh wonder when is my chance getting up the stage X) *

* Win or not, you guys are the cheampion in your own heart *

Thumb up to all the hard work from KL Nuffies to make this event into success. The only thing i dislike is just i spend in jam for the freaking 2 hours to reach the hotel ;/ my mood was totally kill off. Nevertheless, great companions and deary was there for me on that night :)

* Everybody on that night *

I would love to go next NAPBAS! Lets pray it happen at Hong Kong! weeeeee!!


Xue Ren said...

next year in Hong Kong eh??? =P

reanaclaire said...

wow..what a night to remember!!

Happy New Year!

Jia Ying (Carey) said...

I hope it at Australia.....haha

Jackie Loi said...

@xueren who know ;/

@reana happy new year to u too ;)

@jiaying hahaha i also wan!