Saturday, December 24, 2011

Samantha Kong 21st Birthday @ Skybar

My sis finally grown up! Last Wednesday she just had her 21st birthday celebration at Skybar.

* Meet my sis, Samantha *

Was rushing there after my work. A good place to sit down and chit chat accompanied with nice music. Achievement for myself, i did not ordered or drink a single alcohol on that night! Weeee

 * Skybar *
* Just for you all to know :P *

* Cheers for the birthday girl *

Most of her bestie are there of course. She is blessed :)

* With the birthday girl *
* Alex and Vic *
* Her hottest lady *
* and her hottest hunk *

Not to mention ABC Victoria Pang is there too! It had been long time since i last met her. She hasn't change much ;)

* With her boyfie *
* a picture with the hottest stewardess is a must, it has been a while ;) *

I went back quite early since need to work on next day. Most of them went back 3+ including after supper LOL..crazy bunch!

* I LOL hard on this pic haha *
* Cough *
* and there Jeffro try to do something funny *

Nevertheless, Happy Birthday to Samantha again! You're 21! Time for Genting casino!! Weeee

p/s Video of Samantha birthday will coming soon!


sleeper said...

haha, wish Miss Samantha Happy birthday here. (tumpang*)

and of coz, wish u Merry Christmas. ^^