Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wailoon and Yvonne Birthday Dinner

Has two day birthday celebration with my gang for this month December baby, Wailoon and Yvonne. Well, not exactly a celebration, just hang out around for simple dinner. Nothing fancy! Really! Even cake also don't have.

* Wailoon *

Went to d'italianekitchen, as suggested by Andrienne on Saturday night for Wailoon birthday. We ordered quite alot, 3 pasta, 1 pizza and 1 fish and chips. I totally forgot all the pasta name, oh well, this post is not food review, so screw it ;P




What can i saw, the price are pretty standard, portion standard too, not too much not too less, enuf to fill in ur tummy, tats it! Pretty good place to dining with nice environment as wel ;) Will come back again! Oh btw it located inside Jaya 33.

Later we hang around at Picadilly while waiting Peiying to arrived to continue yumcha.

On next 2 days, we had another dinner with everyone, celebrating Yvonne birthday, who are actually 5 days after Wailoon. Went to had steamboat this time in Setapak, Hometown Steamboat. Well, alot steamboat been closed down in my area actually but, this is the one and only still live for few years. Thumb up!

Of coz, while waiting d rest to reach, guys alwiz talked about cameras stuff..both Frank and Wailoon had pretty advanced gear compare to mine, who willing to change system. and oh crap! I got poison by Tokina 11-16mm! My dream lens T3T shall save hard for my pana 7-14mm. Anyway, we had Nikon, Canon and Olympus user now in the gang ;P


* This 2 sakai gonna go Sabah together soon *

Din take much picture, not even the birthday girl picture. All of us is just so busy to eat and chat. That's how we enjoy steamboat isn't? ;)




Alwiz great to hang out with friends :)