Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012 Experience

How's everyone Chinese New Year? for me not Huat enough ah. No luck this year, plus i heard the dragon year is pretty bad for those who born year 88, piff...Nevertheless i have fun for the whole week CNY. None stop visiting relative and spend time with friends is fun ;)

On the 30th night, spend time at grandma house. Have awesome dinner with them.









After dinner, all of us are anticipating 12am, which mean gonna be 1st day of CNY. Reason is because we are playing firework!!




3rd day of CNY, I am having movie marathon with deary. On 5th day of CNY night, i am having open house session for friends and some gambling session..oh well, luck was on Samuel side.

6th day of CNY went to my chemistry teacher open house. It has been time since i visit her. She still looking good and her "members" are expanding..cough students i mean.


Sadly the only attending her house from my batch only 4 of us ;/



Nevertheless, i have fun whole CNY weeks! Been reli busy having fun and neglected my blog X) Oh well, start for job hunting now! It is February peeps!


Simple Person said...

ur chemistry make a signature list for every batch of student....
I am sure it will b a massive gathering if everyone attend.... i c d class is from 2007 until 2012 ...