Saturday, January 21, 2012

D'Puteh Restaurant and Ban Lee Siang Sate Celup at Melaka

Oh yes i went to Melaka last few days but not for fun, leisure or travel. It was for a important business to be done over there. Not to mention driving on 11pm+ to Melaka is not fun! The road is freaking dark -__- Anyway, still manage to grab some nice food there. Here the shop i would like to recommend when u at Melaka, D'Puteh Restaurant, located nearby Bukit Beruang.

* Nasi Lemak is one of the shop specialty *

What so special about this shop? I been there last 2 years mainly because of their fruit juice! They use pure fruit, no sugar no coloring no whatever u can name it. Plus, the size is pretty big and only cost RM2. Tell me where else u can get this? :D

* Banana Juice! *

Get myself a Nasi Goreng Ayam as well and well, the outlook it doesn't turn out as i expected. It kinda look like chicken rice to me ;/ but yet, it still cost RM4 for!

* Chicken Fried Rice *

One Banana juice and a small size Chicken Fried Rice cant fill my stomach. Thus, I decided another round with deary at Sate Celup. I been Melaka few times and i actually never try once their Sate Celup. It is because i went there during festival season and i dislike queue or waiting for it.

* Guess where? :P *

Finally i manage to grab my opportunity and pay a visit to sate celup. Instead of going Capitol, we went Ban Lee Siang since everyone said this taste better.

* The sauce *

Each stick cost RM0.60..pretty ok for me :) Finally get myself some experience throw and cook the sate inside the sate sauce. But, i would like to conclude that sate celup is nothing special. It just like cooking a steamboat in a sate sauce LOL..oh well, yea steamboat.

* Steamboat... *

Yea this are the only shop i ate on that day. Others day i just having Vegetarian food since deary house nearby full with vegetarian shop LOLL


Charmaine said...

Eat so much!!! XD

Nikel Khor said...

wow.. very nice eat out..

Jackie Loi said...

the banana juice FTW!! <3 <3