Wednesday, January 04, 2012

#likealousai or #likealaosai?

ohai! usually i dun reli bitch people virtually or put it in my blog/tumblr/facebook/twitter. But this time this idiot really get my nerve on. Attention Seeker till level 99.


Oh first thing first alot people said the new meme looks #likealousai. Yes he is d guys who created that hashtag in youtube (go find urself if u wanna watch his lame video where i rather spend my time watch some quality video. Even Kamen Rider sounds better than him). Everyone think is cool, oh yea it is..because it sound #likealaosai (like shit) for me. Even d meme face also represent #likealaosai face..some said it is fuck face and also trytoohardguy. You know what it mean ;P

So somehow propose in meme and you dun give a fuck. Then why d fuck u seeking an attention by doing #likealaosai meme and publish it to public showing ur fuck face dun give a fuck? So u wanna show the soon-to-be-married couple AKA Timothy and Audrey this then i dare u go and show in their FB or twitter! Dun suk chun la bro, u r fooling urself. People marry u jelly where until need give laosai face? troll harder bro, no 1 give a fuck to u.

And i dun give a fuck u got alot fans or subscriber in youtube. Fuck face mean fuck face. The moment i blog about this out i am ready to be bashed by ur fanshu now..come come!

p/s he posted in 9Gag as well. At the moment with only 3 likes and 0 comment. No 1 bash him? haha


Sophia Lai said...

Hahahaha i laughed! He's trying way too hard. Wanna be fehmes by showing #likealaosai face? #epicfail

CWKen said...

Fuiyo Jackie bashing ppl #likealousai hahaha

Jackie Loi said...

lao and lou..sai laaa :P

Vin Tsen Gan said...
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Jackie Loi said...

@vince i dun waste my time watch the "production" that not even a nop ;/