Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year 2012 : 3D2N at Genting

Have fun in new year! The plan was came up when Samantha said she got free room in Genting First World for 3D2N. Hence, a gang of us went up there and have fun for this year new year celebration. This is my first time actually going up Genting with them ;)




We went for dinner, lunch, Arcade, see firework, gambling, drinking, Starbucking, celebrating Alex birthday all in 3D2N. Awesome moment i must say ;)















Oh we went for BKT too at Mushroom farm AKA Kuku farm. Die die also need BKT, reli grow fat la me -_-



Later on we went to Yik Kee for buying Durian tart.


Take alot pics , feel free to head to my Facebook Page ;)

Nice spending time with them. I wish once in a year we had this kind of chance to gather and have some bonding session. Well, next shall be during Chinese New Year open house :)


Isaac Tan said...

I jelly

FiSh said...

the yik kee is super fehmes one! i like the foodstuff there ;)

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Jackie Loi said...

@isaac u jelly meh

@fish yea so do i heard about it