Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Volkswagen Test Driving with Nuffnang

I am definitely not a car lover. But i dun hate them too. There is only one and only car i love most, my own car, Baby Vivi. But hey! Congratulation Volkswagen, u have stole my heart T3T




I am given opportunity to test drive few Volkswagen car on last Saturday courtesy of Nuffnang. Being a guy who have no idea with all the car model, I just simply choose GTI Polo and surprisingly this car are everyone favourite. So do I ;)







Unfortunately, we are only allowed to test drive around the Desa Park City Waterfront. Piff the road is full with bumper and cant speeding..oh but I did speeding to 80km/h..ya i am a safe driver! muahaha...got a moment i reli feel like test drive this car all d way back Setapak then back to Desa Park City! Hahaha






I love this GTI Polo. Is nice, smooth brake, fast pickup and I was informed it is fuel saver as well. Average 5.5 Litres for 100km! WTF that's like almost 100% save than my Baby Vivi. The only thing i dislike is the size pretty small. Well not as small as kancil but not as big as my Myvi either. Maybe i not use to it.

Cool car..too bad I am not a cool driver with cool wallet. I think on that day i was the one and only blogger who test drive 1 car. Yes me very loyal, and i dun c the point testing others car. Ok, maybe car doesn't amuse me LOL..nevertheless, it was a good experience :)

Shall stay away from car..it is expensive hobby, much more expensive than camera hobby X)


HenRy LeE said...

i didn't know there was a golf GTI, simply the best after Scirocco :)

Kian Fai Koh said...

the other day I saw people drive GTI white color, dam yeng loh

Thristhan said...

The car looks good from the outside, but the interior can do better, right?

Nikel Khor said...

My car too... LOve that GOLF GTI very stylist

Jackie Loi said...

@Henry haha i think i like Polo more X)

@kianfai LOLLL white alwiz yeng! n alwiz d 1st 1 dirty haha

@thristhan i believe so. But it was pretty simple yet elegant for me

@err i think i prefer small car haha..PolO!!!