Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nuffnang 5th Birthday Bash @ Neverland

Yayy! My beloved stickman is 5 years old this year. With a blink of eye, i almost in this community for almost 4 years. Keep rocking Nuffnang and we are always on your side!

So I attended Nuffnang 5th birthday bash at Neverland last 2 days with casual blue as dress code. It was awesome celebration where all Nuffnanger gathered and celebrate it together. I manage to pull out Wilee as well to be my guest of the night.

* With Wilee *

The event started off with a solo dancing performance.


Later, DJ Phat Fabes as emcee of the night to entertain us. He done a great job. Follow up by Tim speech accompanied by the Nuffnang birthday video.



Check out the Nuffnang birthday video.

Of course, what more important than cake in a birthday celebration? Nuffies prepared 5 layered cupcake for Nuffnang!



Dinner goes on later while another stage performance took place. Awesome band!


Later some game session go on and winner get to won themself a trip to Sipadan, Panasonic Lumix GF-3 and Panasonic Lumix LX 5. Yupz, won by Dusty, Jiayeen & Yeongboon in sequence.

Pics with friends of the night :)

* Group of friends *
* Yeeing & Ken *
* Jamie *
* Audrey *
* Yeeing, Jiayeen, Cayenne & Ken at the back *

It was an awesome night. It has been time since i gathered around with everyone and enjoy the night. Happy 5th Birthday Nuffnang!!

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Belated Valentine Dinner at Barbera Cafe

To be honest, i did not celebrate anything with Betina on the exact days of Valentine. We did not want to get stuck in jam and human on the very lovely day. For us, everyday is Valentine day ;) However, I brought her to dining at Barbera Cafe a day after Valentine day after found out that i have extra RM100 voucher to spend.

We went to the Bangsar outlet. Very lovely place i would said. It feel like being at home. Plus, a very nice and romantic ambient around. We decided to spend finish all the RM100. Thus we ordered 2 spaghetti and a pizza for ourself. Yes we are big eater ;3

Couldn't remember the exact name for our food but i do remember Betina ordered Salmon spaghetti, mine is beef and the pizza is one of the recommended in the menu, duck pizza. I am abit disappointed with the pizza though. Doesn't taste as good as i expected and the meat not tendered. Other than that i have no complain :)







I would love to come back again however Betina seem dislike the food here. I agree with her on certain aspect. There are much more worth foods around the world to be dine in. But, Barbera Cafe really make me feel comfortable to dine in with superb service. Not to mention it is fast.

Betina is not with me now, miss her everyday ❤

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dinner with DiGi and Unboxing iPhone 4S

Updated : I decided to use back Android...hahahaha..still love it so much T3T

Still remember my iPhone 4S contest post(click here, here, here and here)? Well I am happy because i actually won it :D together with another blogger, saudara Mohd Syafiq. Check out his cool entries at http://syaimzhebatz.blogspot.com

DiGi very generous wanted to treat us dinner before handed out the iPhone 4S. The dinner take place at Chilis, Mid Valley.

* Oldtimer ;) *

It is much pleasure to be able to meet so many cool DiGi staffs. Some casual dinner and chatting goes around before they did the so called "Prize Ceremony".


So here we go. iPhone 4S unboxing. Again, i really love Apple presentation and packaging. Simple and nice enough.





I am not gonna do review for it since there are tonnes of reliable review out there ;) I am using it now and gave my baby XNeo to my sis now.

Thanks DiGi and Nuffnang again! :D

Friday, February 24, 2012

Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA) is coming!

UPDATED : The pre-sale tickets is extended to March 11 2012!!! Now faster grab your tics :D

Woots!! If you don't know what is Future Music Festival Asia, it was a 12 hours none stop concert that originated from Australia! This concert will be heading to KL for the first time on 17th March 2012, at Sepang International Circuit! This will be the BIGGEST music festival South East Asia has ever seen!

There will be featuring over 60 international, regional and local acts who will be performing in front of an expected crowd of 30,000 fans across 4 uber cool stages! Definitely a one-of-a-kind music festival, Future Music Festival Asia has been specially designed to cater to Asian fans!

Artist that expected to be perform on that day are none other than The Chemical Brothers, Flo Rida, Tinie Tempah, Kid SIster, Chase & Status, Pendulum, Grand Master Flash, Eddie Halliwell, Cosmic Gate and many many many more! As much as 60 of them from Singapore, India, Philippines, Indonesia, China, Thailand, and of course, Malaysia.

Want to join the fun? You can purchase the tickets via http://redtix.airasia.com/Events/FutureMusicFestivalAsia/ now! Early Bird tickets are priced at RM138 and will stop going on sale on 29 February. The pre-sale tickets priced at RM158 will commence on 1 March. First Class tickets (VIP) will be available for purchase on 20 February.

Again, the event will take place on 17 March 2012 (Saturday) from 2PM - 3AM at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC). Let's join the hype and rocks the stage!

For more information, feel free to logon to http://www.futuremusicfestival.asia/ orhttp://www.facebook.com/futuremusicasia

Yumcha with Likee

Ok Likee is back to NZ now. Glad to had a a short yumcha session with her before she head back.

Listening them talk about life as student in oversea really do make me envy. Yea i have no chance to experience it. I cant even have chance to go other state to study back to those time because my family problem. Well, i told myself. I will travel to everywhere i want, someday, when i am capable...

Anyway, all d best for her studies in NZ :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

SUKI-YA at Pavilion with the love

I am back to Suki-Ya and this time I am with Betina. I always love to brought her to new place to eat whenever i discovered one. I just love to see her point of view of the food. We went in during lunch time.






Didn't take much food from the healthy bar. Our main objective is actually whack all the meat - chicken, lamb and beef. Somehow on that day the beef doesn't taste good. Lamb still my all time favorite and chicken is nice too.

 * The beef *
* The lamb *
* The chicken *

There is always time for dessert ;) everyone favorite, Ice Cream!

I love this place so much. However Betina prefer Carry On Restaurant that offer cheaper price and more variety of meat. Well, i agree with her too.