Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Chronicle Premier Screening

Courtesy of Nuffnang and Churpchurp, i get to watch Chronicle screening.

New technologies and social communities allow us to record, post and comment on every second of our lives, sharing our every emotion and opinion with the world, no matter how mundane. For three high school classmates who suddenly gain superpowers from a mysterious substance, the chronicle of their ordinary lives is about to take on extraordinary turn. Initially they use their powers to play innocent pranks on each other and people around them, but soon they gain confidence and learn to control their powers better to take on more difficult tasks. Their newfound sense of immortality and impunity will force them to evaluate their own morality to ultimately decide where to draw the line about how far they should go.

A very nice film with nicely built up plot and story. However i don't understand why the director decided to use handheld aka self camwhore aka self recording style. It would be nice if it was use the common way of film..oh well, director style maybe.


Various type of telekinesis power was shown in this movie. All the way from moving the object, steel body, superman fly and finally, explosion, which obviously, CG CG CG. Somehow when they flying around, kinda remind me of Dragon Ball lolll..sadly, this film doesnt explain what happen to them and able to get super power.


Worth to watch? yes, if u r not afraid the handheld.


Isaac Tan said...

hehe, i did not really like it ><