Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fist of Dragon <龍拳> Gala Screening

Courtesy of Jayren, Likee, Jiayeen, Benjamin and alot alot ppl more, i get to watch Fist of Dragon (龍拳) Gala Premier last night at Pavillion. Walking on red carpet and attending the cocktail party as well together with artist..wootz!

* The cast and director *
* me & the gf *

Fist of Dragon is an action comedy that tells the story of Uncle Chen, a coffee shop owner who faces many hardships caused by the local triad. His nephew, Jie tries to help by fighting off the triad but ends up causing more problems. Jie's actions soon bring the wrath of the triad and drag the whole town into turmoil. Moreover, Uncle Chen's daughter, Lily is on the triad side and their relationship is badly affected when the confrontation between the triad and the townspeople reach its peak.

Before i say anything about this movie..i would like to say..this is shit!

And this is Fist of Dragon! Yayy!!

After finish watching the movie, i asked myself, dafuq did i just watch? I don't even know what is fist of dragon style after watching the whole show. In my honest opinion, only the action at the beginning impressed me. Towards the end, so so and quite draggy. There are too much weaknesses to point out in this movie. Skip it if you dowanna see some spoiler and my POV.


The storyline is sucks to the max. Alot scene doesnt make sense. The triad doesn't look like professional tried, just a bunch of idiot and joker. The weapon they use mainly are steel bar, oh only beginning of the show got parang, and also middle of the show where only that main boss brother holding it instead of using it. Oh annoying triad gang.


Hao (1 of the character, i dun even know he is main or kelefeh) was stabbed by Nam Kor little brother on the chest there in the show but the next day he was completing healed #likeaboss. Another scene worth to point out was one of the experimental human suddenly came out from the experiment room and stab the triad boss and walk a way, #likeazombie. So what is that experiment about? turn human to zombie? Zombie Apocalypse anyone?

Michael Chua as Jie acting was so-so as well. As a director and actor of this show, i am disappointed. I can categorize his acting in this movie same like Belle from twilight, #ifyouknowwhatimean. Plus, as the main character, there is no character development from him. Today he lose to one of the triad fighter. The next day he manage to defeated him. How? magic. I have no complain on Henry Thia acting. It was good but wasted in this movie. Fiona Xie? an idiot who din turn on the camera flash when shooting document in the dark.

Too much to point out and i am too lazy to write up hahaha..So conclusion, i'll rather go buy dragonball DVD and rewatch Son Goku fight. Or maybe Jackie Chan Dragon Fist ;P


MichLeong said...

That bad huh?

Charmaine said...

Haha he said the original main cast backed out suddenly so he got no choice and acted himself :/

Isaac Tan said...

lol, oh well. Lots of loopholes in the movie

Jackie Loi said...

@michie yea worr

@charmain LOL mean he too look high up his acting huh? :P

@usaac LOL agree