Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Fried Laksa @ Well Cook Gourmet Restaurant

I am not huge fans of Laksa. Reason is because I dislike hot soup. When you see me, most of the time i choose to eat dry stuff instead of soup..oh don't count steamboat, that's exceptional :P

* The back entrance *

Last Saturday, I went to Well Cook Gourmet Restaurant with deary to try the fried laksa. The restaurant is located at SS14, just right opposite SS15 maybank building. Yeeing brought me here try once and I am back for the second try.

Both me and deary orders Fried Laksa (Big) and Asam Laksa (Normal).

* Fried Laksa *
* Asam Laksa *

The fried laksa is nice for me. Taste exactly like when u r having it in your soup. It cost RM8 for the big one and RM6 for normal..worth it? maybe no for me..Deary claim the Asam Laksa is very spicy as well and taste normal, nth special.

Well, I am actually satisfy with the food but maybe the price is abit too high for the portion..or perhaps subang is always expensive...i dunno ;/