Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Special Forces Premiere Screening

Watch this movie last night courtesy of Marilyn. To put it into simple word, this movie SUCKS to the max. Ok you may ignore the rest if you hate spoiler and already know my opinion :)

Elsa, a controversial French journalist, is abducted by a renegade Taliban leader, who posts a terrifying video on the internet setting a deadline for her execution. Intelligence suggests she is being held in a village in the lawless tribal lands across the border in Pakistan. A 6-man elite unit is sent to rescue her. A pulse racing action film that will lead towards the savagely beautiful Hindu Kush Mountains...

Yay! War movie...and the introduction of the movie like counter strike. Guess you all will love it when see army with awesome gun over here and there. I started lost my interest on this movie as soon as the lip sync was totally failed big time.

The best thing ever in this movie was, 6 elite unit VS whole bunch of taliban gang and yet they can survive till last 2. Awesome shit. Plus, most of the time those elit force just
standing straight to shoot and none of the taliban manage to shoot them down.

Another funny scene that i could remember was 1 of the elite force (is a sniper) been chase by those taliban from day to night to next day before he was shot to death. Fuh! He can join Olympic already for running none stop for so long. Those failed special force lost their communication and no chopper come and pick them up after they rescue the main heroin decided to walk to their base and it took them almost 2 weeks. So, how they survive without food and drinks when d path that they walk is all mountain and snowy mountain? Did they expected their mission will take longer than a week and do they prepared food? Plus they took 3~4 days to cross the snow mountain and the Taliban very fast manage to chase them after the snow mountain. How can they chase so fast? They use car? Another facepalm moment was the Taliban leader died..after he took d heroin as hostage. Fucking useless villain.


There are more and more stupid things that d movie couldn't explain and it is too long for me to mention it X) I do not recommend this movie to be watch in cinema...boo!