Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine and 5th Anniversary

Today is everyone Valentine! But for me, there is another meaning. It is anniversary for me and my deary too :) 5 years ago, we study in same high school for form 6. 5 years later, we are grown up and graduated (ok she not yet XD). Time really moving so fast.

So how's everyone Valentine? For me today i decided to stay at home instead of celebrate it with deary. For us the moment she is in kl, everyday is valentine ;) On last Saturday, i received a surprise from a post laju.

I was expecting the mail was from my cousin to wish me happy CNY (mind you i did not that a look on posted date) because the hand writing are so familiar. The moment i flip the back, i saw it was from a girl called Betrina Cheng...jeng jeng jeng! A girl that i dunno who d hell is that. The hand writing is so terrible that i read it as Betina LOL.. I started to suspect. At the moment, deary was beside me blogging, ignoring all my doubt when i was ranting ;/

I opened up the card. Inside there was a card wrapping by book wrapper that look like envelop. Looking on the book wrapper, it just sudden remind me someone last time used to gave me present and wrap it with book wrapper. I ignored it and open the card to see.

As you can see the card (picture below), it contains 3 pages. The instant i flip 1st page was a flower..okeh...2nd page was a mail box that contain a letter that stuck in there. I ignore the letter first and straight away flip to last page. A christmas tree with 2 black guy..i mean paper guy kissing. At the instant i was like WTF is this belated Christmas card or advance Christmas card? I keep ranting none stop about it and deary didn't gimme any response.



I decided to take out the paper that stuck in the "mail box" and read it. WOW! Is a confession letter from the Betina..i mean Betrina Cheng. She love me, she admire me, she wan me email her. At the instant i look at my deary and she still didn't give me any response, still busy with her blogging. I look at her eye, *ting!* all question in my mind are answered and I said "You send 1 ah?"

Being a bad actress, she was burst in laugh and keep WTF for the post laju efficiency. She never expect they delivered it on a day after she posted it. Not to mention, she never expect me for being so genius able to blow up her secret.

Reason why i know it was from deary? Well, loving her for 5 years wasn't gone in vain isn't? I knew it was her because :

  • Handwriting - i recognize her hand writing.
  • house address - impossible that "Betina" know my house address.
  • Book wrapper - deary used to gimme present that come with book wrapper.
  • hand make card - deary love to do hand made stuff and gave me.
  • her acting - yes, she was failed in her acting. I been ranting for a girl confess to me and yet she doesn't show any response. I bet if this is real Betina she gonna slaughter me already.

Until now i still have no idea why she wanna send this using other girl name. I guess she wanna try to be like those bitch "OMG who send u love letter! U betray me! OMG OMG" then will reveal "Hahaha gotcha! Actually I am the one who send you the letter :P" or, she wanna test me -___- As the punishment, from that day onwards i am calling her Betina..hahahaha!!

No matter what, I believe our bond has getting stronger from time to time. We are stepping into adult world now. Hope everything all well end well ;)

Nevertheless, Happy Valentine Day everyone!


Nath said...

So sweet of your Betina LMAO glad you had a great time checking out your love letters ^_^ Happy Valentine's Day to you two <3

Charmaine said...

Wah ur betina is so creative! I like the flower leh XD

Wish both of u white head til old har wakaka

missyblurkit said...

amazing idea and interesting gesture!

Jackie Loi said...

@nath hehe thanks :)

@charmain LOLL choi id owan white hair yet

@kit hehe thanks ;)