Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Wong Fu Mini Symposium

Back to few days, there was Wong Fu hype everywhere in Malaysia. Yeap, the boys are coming to Malaysia. I attended their Mini Symposium last Saturday with deary Courtesy of Nuffnang at Taylor University.

It was held at one of the Taylor's lecturer hall, good enough to fit in all the audiences. What i expecting from this Mini Symposium is more on technical base rather than story telling. But oh well, thing's doesn't happen like I expected.

* The event organizer...i guess *
* The Wong Fu Boys, Philip and Wesley *

One of the funny things was Ted wasn't able to came Malaysia. However he did a short video to send the message to all the fans. What make me ROFLMAO most is the picture he Photoshop himself with Najib. Oh and also Bat U Cave..if you know what I mean ;P


The event goes on with some question asked by the organizer regarding some of their videos, music videos and so on so forth. Not to mention some Q&A session by fans. Can really see how fanatics all the fans are.


I did a video recording unfortunately i don't have high speed connection to upload it..huhuhu anyone with Unifi wanna upload for me? ;(


I have to be honest I am not really enjoy the symposium session. I was expecting more exposure but too bad, not what I hope. Not to mention some questions ask by fans are...If you know what i mean ;)


benjamin foo said...

I know what you mean about the questions *facepalm*

Glo-w~* said...

I'm a fan...but more of their talent. I wanted to pick their brains. the process of coming up with a plot, every wondered if the idea was too silly and how do they manage to make everything seem/feel so natural...sigh...

Jackie Loi said...

@benjamin *double facepalm*

@glow well, story is all base on inspiration and critical thinking AKA out of the box..jiayou ;)