Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Digi Fandroid Day

If you guys don't know, i tweeted that we from Dygadget team will be doing Live Blog about this event. Covering live event with blog is really my first time experience. Thanks to Betina assistance of course. She been very hardworking and helpful for this site :)

* Samsung Galaxy Nexus - The first ICS Android *

I wont be explain much about this event since it covered mostly in here. So feel free to visit Dygadget and give support to my tech blog k? ;)

* Mark as the Emcee *

The event begin with short game session. Playing with Fruite Ninja in big screen with the latest tablet from Samsung (not latest for us LOL), Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. What more? pretty hate d fact d capative touchscreen not responsive when playing fruit ninja and causes my team lose very easy.

* Slash slash *
* The group that won first place. With Kit Kat as prize *

The event was highlighted on DiGi Network and also Android development. Some keywords are :

  • DiGi will be the first Telco to provide LTE via Tomorrow Network Project.
  • Previewing some apps by Google - Goggle, Google Chrome, Translate and etc.
  • Google Street View and Google Map for Indoor will available in Malaysia once is ready.
  • Presenting NFC.
  • Some hint regarding Samsung next flagship phone, Samsung Galaxy S III MAYbe?

* Su Lin from DiGi Head of Marketing *
* James from Google Malaysia *
* Leonard from Samsung Malaysia *
* One of the lucky winner from Twitter contest brought back a Samsung Galaxy S II *

We also giving opportunity to tour DiGi office. It is really inspiring as in they promoting and practising go green and paperless environment in their office and also their staff. Less, but at least they dare and did the first time to save the earth. I believe someday, everyone will do the same.

Overall, it was awesome experiences with DiGi and also all Android fan sout there :) Thanks Nuffnang and DiGi for the chance!