Saturday, March 24, 2012


For me, everyone do imagine. Imagination is a very powerful Intellectual Properties that belong to everyone. However, i guess when we grown up, our imagination has become limited. Maybe the way we think has become more logic thanks to science fact. Maybe it is the reality and cruel world pull us back from dare to imagine and dreaming.

However, I guess it is pretty nice if you are full with imagination. You could be innovative and creative as well. This is what i seriously need for my line of job. Anyway, i go through the youtube and stumble across a video by Sony Mobile. It is an advertisement for Sony Xperia S based on imagination. Who is the most imaginative? Children of course. Sony dare to combine all the children ideas and imagination into their own ads.

You might say not impressive or what, but for me. It was a nice imagination :) You see, I just love to see creative stuff. Hope i could learn more on this..shall really start think out of the box once in a while. Anyway, here are the full ads if you are wondering where you can get it ;)