Friday, March 09, 2012

Random HIJK

How's everyone life? For me i have a terrible week. Last week my car was having an accident and causes I have no car to use for a week. Gear box damage really pain in ass. But thanks God! My baby Vivi is back last night :D

* Huhuhu poor baby Vivi full with scratches :( *

Almost a week i took LRT to work. Feel very empty without my car..The time consume more to go back my house after work. Thanks for my colleague and Benjamin for fetching me this few days. Owed u guys a meal!!

* Name tag for office *

So yea, i have started work for a week. Real job this time..and also one of career that gonna open my future path. Working environment is pretty ok and colleague all are funny and awesome. I still need time to get adapted. Well, just a week, what do u expect?

* In case you all miss my face..RAWRR *

Oh not to mentioned, daddy walk into my room just now and pass me this paper..wee i am famous!

I don't remember did i appear in any newspaper before but definitely, I don't wish to appear on news for wrong reason X) Well, talk about the title above the newspaper, it is something to do with Secret Recipe promotion. Stay tune for my blog for the update if u wan more info about it ;)

Anyway, it is friday night..i stuck in my house while stoning in front PC. Thinking whether i should get a new phone first or camera. Yea same shit fighting in my brain.

Sony Xperia S?


Olympus OMD EM5 first?

Why don't you all choose for me? If I get phone first, my current phone will be giving to my sister and if i get camera first, i will give my Baby Zeekon to Betina.