Sunday, March 18, 2012

Random LMN - What Jackie Doing

Recently after work, reach home i tend to not online. Thanks to streamyx sucks. IT make me lost my motivation to blog abit by abit..oh well, lets see how it goes. Having a very random stuff in mind thus i am doing this image, recently very popular i guess ;P

Well, I believe this is kinda true XD

1) What my close friends think I do - They always think i am lucky bastard who always get free phone and camera.
2) What my friends think I do - Yea those not close to me, always tod i damn happening and clubbing everyday.
3) What others think I do - I am chick magnet and camwhorer wtf
4) What I think I do - I think I got a very nice car..but in fact no :(
5) What I really do - still retarded as usual..
6) What I really want to do - be successful and can do tat pose of course, like Steve Job ;P

Ok this is seriously very random. Today went to reunion with my primary school friends and from what I can see, everyone are doing well. Comparing them with me, I guess I just barely survive..I guess i really need true high determination if I wanna success. Oh well, random though..random always random piff

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