Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Generasi - Being Superheroes Behind the Scene

Hey guys our video currently was shirtlisted in Digi WWWOW award under Funniest Video category! Guess what, we currently are on ranked 12th! Click here to vote us if u love our video ;)

Last time in University, i always wanted to have a team of production to create a short animation or short film. Why? Because i love film/movie. It is d reason why I took 3D animation (which i pretty sure i am cool in doing movie production as well). However stuff doesnt went to my wish. However, this year, i found gems among my friends. We form a small groups (known as FrapTV) and started of our very first project, My Generasi for JinnyBoy contest. We made it :D our very first video production.

To answer all your doubt and question, we the location at the shooting place was Yippy Cup and the park outside One Utama. I think it is first time for Eric tried to make a film on his own. Well, if you want to know, he is the one who hold the cameras and write the script as well. Thumb up for him ;)




I pick up the editing part since i got free time LOL..too lifeless this few days but great to have something on hand to work on. Spend 3 night editing and yupz, it might look normal editing but is not easy to edit sound that came out from a phone. I tried to make it as close as if it came out from external mic.




Too bad, the bloody youtube screw up the sound. If u watch the video it has ZzzZzzz sound. I wonder it is because i set too high bit rate and youtube couldn't take it. Oh well, learn my mistake and will be aware for next time.




I believe, we are here because all of us love film :) Thanks for support us. We are starting from ground, and we will do our best to rise :) Stay tune to our channel. Like and suscribe our video if you love it ;)


Caroline Ng May Ling said...

ganbateh!! u guys can do it! :D

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

semua pun kacak =)

Anonymous said...

need to make more videos!