Saturday, May 05, 2012

Creativity In Motion - Magic Of LimKokWing Fashion Show 2012

Well, back to last 2 weeks I am invited to a Lim Kok Wing Fashion show at KLCC. It has been long long time since i did some fashion show shooting. Thus, i agree to attend. In the same time, testing my AF speed for 14-54mm lens when mount on E-P3 body.





Honestly, they are doing a good job. I am not a very fashion person but those fashion display out really make me WOW.





Too bad, they did not prepare a proper place to place us media/photographer to shoot. Whole event, i get piss off by the felor who guarding the place because he keep push me away when i am shooting. Oh well...





Abit disappointe dthat my 14-54mm lens AF speed wasn't fast enough to focus and capture. Guess it wasn't good enuf when mount on micro four third body after all...shall i invest on an Olympus E system? Maybe i will if rumors that Olympus E-7 is true ;)







Nevertheless, i enjoy myself that night. Fashion plus singing performance, it is the event that i would love to see more and attend :)

* With friends on that night *


sleeper said...

jackie@ the models are Lim Kok Wing students too?