Saturday, May 12, 2012

D'Arrange Marriage by Those Indian Guys @ PJ Laugh Fest

Hola! I know my blog is growing spider web and fungus huhu..Really busy recently. What am i busy with? Well aside from less attending event, I am actually busy working on video with my FrapTV crew (Hey do support by like and subscribe us k? :P), I am doing some designer freelance and also, busy being healthy by playing badminton.

Nevertheless, courtesy to Jaya One and PJ Live Arts, I got to catch up one of the show at PJ Laugh Fest. If you wondering, this whole month, Jaya One and PJ Live Arts will be having PJ Laugh Fest. For those who love stand up comedy, this gotta be your favourite month ;) Both me and Ken manage to catch up D'Arrange Marriage by Those Indian Guys show on last Thursday.

D'Arranged Marriage is a one man show has something for everyone: characters that will make you laugh until you cry, a few Bollywood-style song and dance routines and a wickedly funny look at Indian culture and life in New Zealand.

D'Arranged Marriage is the story of Sanjay Gupta, the New Zealand born son of Indian immigrants Manhur and Pushpa. 29 year-old Sanjay lives at home, works in his father’s corner shop, dreams of a career in stand-up comedy, and strenuously avoids the issue of an arranged marriage. His nagging parents finally get the better of him, but to his surprise, he discovers that Neenu, the prospective bride, is the one!

Unfortunately, complications (and hilarity) ensue… Adding to Sanjay’s trials and tribulations are Dilip, a gimpy uncle who yearns for the perfect Indian woman; the smooth-talking, sleazy playboy Rundeep; and Mr. Dave Patel, Johnny Walker (and the British Empire’s) best friend, who is Sanjay’s potential father-in-law.

With all 8 characters performed by one versatile actor, you have the funniest parody of Indian family life since Bend it Like Beckham, and what critics have dubbed a “roller coaster ride to laughsville.”

Performed in 7 countries over 200 times, D’Arranged Marriage is a proven international commercial and critical success.

Honestly speaking, Sanjay Gupta, the New Zealand Indian is awesome comedian! He alone manage to act up to 8 characters who obviously have difference personalities and behaviors for us to distinguish. Found out he is great dancer too, he really dance well on the stage.

Besides, he is very natural actors and is good in acting base on situation. For eg he broke one of the light on stage during the show but he still go on with his acting with some impromptu dialog, make us to believe it was apart of the show. He is just too awesome because I really got cheated by that ;/

Oh yea D'Arrange Marriage story is funny like hell. It would be better if u know some indian stuff to get better understanding. Overall i would say good job and well done! He is d 1st indian comedian i ever watch, before Russel Peters :P

For more info, you can check up here