Monday, May 07, 2012

FrapTV goes official

Still remember My Generasi - Being Superheroes video? yeap FrapTV made the first debut by releasing this video. But that havent make us official..not until there is actually people who started recognize us and love what we are doing and what we are going to do in future :)

But of course, courtesy to one of FrapTV member, Eric for the Logo, we finally decided to go viral official by having our own Facebook Page and start being recognize by people around. Yeap, FrapTV is not a FrapTV without all this awesome peep :) Do like us k? We will work hard! Oh i forgot, here is our link :P

FrapTV is main cores are this 6 person, who love film, who shared the passion to make videos, and who believe that one day be able to use our videos to influence the world to be a better and friendlier.

Benjamin Foo

One of the important core in FrapTV team. He is in charge for our social media, so remember to say hi to him! He also one of the actor in our video ;)

Eric Lee

One of our script writer. Trust me, you cant win him in bullshitting and blow watering. Oh, it doesnt happen in the script anyway ;P Will he make appearance in our video? who know LOL

Ernest Ng

Bro dont like that la bro! He is our Pink Ranger! Ok he also very important to us! One of the best director I ever work with. He also work on as our video editor ;)

Jackie Loi

The shortest dude in the Frap team. Doesnt matter, handsome can adi XD Well, he (which is me) has passion as cameraman. Of course, he is also one of the editor for the team. His dream is to include CG in the video production in coming future!

Joel Wong

One of our script writer who have alot passion on it. He also playing actor role in the video and a guy who willing to do all BTS (Behind The Scene) for us! Of course, he can act damn well ;)

Ken Wooi

Funny Ken, Angry Ken, Caring Ken, Any Ken, he is Ken Man. A guy who say KEN KEN KEN (Can Can Can) in our team. He play major role as script writer and actor in our production.

Yea, this 6 dude are the main core in FrapTV...sound bromance right..yea we lack of girl T___T huhuhu..anyway, i don't think tats a problem. As long as we work hard and explore more, learn more in the process and practice more, we can do it! Because i believe every members in the team are film lover :)

Anyway, do share the love if u love us k? ;) and also subscribe us at We will have twitter soon! So stay tune on us!

Psssss : We are working on a new video! It should be release by tonight or tmrw morning ;)