Monday, May 28, 2012

Hi Mr Asahi! I would like to challenge you a robot dance!

Dancing? Nah it will never is my thing. I cant dance at all. Not even listed in d guy who did a video in youtube, "How to Dance in The Club" from part one until part three. But, I finally dance for the first time! sorta...

Been into fruitful weekend since I am happy manage to do some stuff I never dream to be. I guess I starting to put interest in and wish to explore more. Well, at least it is awesome weekend for my own achievement until some stuff totally kill off the mood and feeling.

Well, gotta overcome it...not on my own, but with you.


bendan said...

LMAO!! THis is awesome ah cheap robot!! Made me laugh!! After effect is genius!! Hahahahahah!! Cool cool.. should I join?? =X

Jackie Loi said...

Haha why not? ;)