Monday, May 14, 2012

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV excite my senses!

Well, 3D is a in thing nowdays! Most of the movie will be release into 2 version in cinema, 2D and 3D. As a guy who love watch movie, I am actually very disappointed with the 3D quality in cinema. At least, not as good as they claim.

Here are the major problem with 3D movie in cinema nowdays.

1) Ugly and heavy 3D glasses. It always drop out.


2) The cinema screen is always too dark once i wear the 3D glasses.


3) More important, no 3D boobs...

Of course, with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV, all my problem are solved! With the lightweight glasses, cool 3D effects and ultimate immersive viewing experience, LG Cinema 3D Smart TV is the best invention ever!

Watch horror movie! With girl friend is the best ;)


Of course, problem solved! 3D boobie manage to display in LG Cinema 3D Smart TV :D

Awesome right? For more info, login to now ;)