Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III Unboxing and Preview

Yes I am pretty happy now! Guess what? I got a unit of Samsung Galaxy S III now to review! So this 2 weeks you will see me keep tweeting about Samsung Galaxy S III.

Very fast, I did a unboxing and preview video. Take a look at it.

Hope you guys enjoy my video ;)

Overall the Samsung Galaxy S III feel kinda light and plasticky. However Samsung claim that the Samsung Gaalxy S III was made by Polycarbonate. But, i still dislike it because the back cover is finger print magnet and dust collector.

* Just try to state the obvious - 3.7 inch VS 4.8 inch *
* Samsung logo on top of the phone *

Well, gotta keep my Baby Xneo away for 2 weeks and make full use of Galaxy S III. So stay tune on my blog or my twitter, @jackieloi for more info about Samsung Galaxy S III ;)

* Back camera, LED flash and speaker *
* MicroSD slot and MicroSIM slot *

Of course, feel free to tweet me or comment here to let me know what you wan't me to test for you.

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Ken Wooi said...

Why i no get to review? :(

Jackie Loi said...

because you gonna buy it! :P